Cultural Change

A lot of times in American Culture, the importance of women in everyday life isn’t given the attention it deserves. Although I’m Mexican and in Mexico there’s a holiday called “El Dia de la Mujer” which is Day of the women,I feel like in the American culture women deserve a day dedicated to them as well therefore, if I could make a change in my culture it would be to add “Day of the Women” as a national holiday. On this day, women would get a day off of work and it would be like their birthday, valentines day, mothers day, and christmas all in one because women would be treated with respect and with kindness. This day would represent the respect women deserve and acknowledge them for being so important in everyones lives. Whether it be a mom, a sister, a wife, a girlfriend, a grandma, any female should be spoiled on the “Day of the Women”. This holiday would change culture as we know it because it would make us take time and think about just how important women are to the world, and although some might think that women aren’t a crucial factor to make the world go round, they are. Not only would it give women a break from work but it would also make them feel special and make others see the importance of taking care of women. Respecting and handling a woman with care and love shouldn’t just be taught to be done on holidays, it should be something that’s done year-round.


Cultural Change

If I were to invent a cultural tradition or ritual, I would create a dance. This dance would have happy and exciting parts to it. Dances are being shown everywhere you go whether it be at a party, at home with your friends, or even in the shower. We’re always dancing and sometimes might not even realize it. So creating a dance that will be passed down from generation to generation expressing joy and fun is something I would love to do. Although as the years go by, individuals will add an extra kick to it or exclude a jump, the original dance will always stand. I would definitely love making up a dance.

The Implementation of a New Language

If a new cultural invention could be introduced upon a society, it would be a new language for me. This new language can benefit a lot of people in many ways– one being the ability to alternate between languages if the other fails when communicating with another person. Since the United States is a very diverse country, everyone can use this new language after learning it so that there would be no trouble talking to each other. On top of that, the language could be used for translations on practically anything for people to read. This will allow our society to develop a new way to speak to each other instead of struggling to learn one language and then having to learn another (if talking to a person who speaks a different language on top of that). Another way that this is useful is that it adds onto the diversity of language, and it can help bring people together to share ideas or more generally, socialize. Possible issues that may arise would be trying to start spreading the language and getting people to actually learn it. Like any other language, the new one may be spoken by very few people to begin with and may take very long to spread. Spanish, English, and Chinese are some of the more generally spoken languages in the world, so some people may not want to try to learn this new one because they feel that these languages (or their own languages) are fine enough. In the end though, it can be a gradual process to implement the new language, but it can help everyone be able to communicate with each other in a different language in case the ones they try fail in the future.

Cultural Shift

Expressing ourselves isn’t really accepted in our society because being different is looked upon as “weird” and for that reason Ive decided that I would invent a cultural tradition that would have people express themselves whether they talk differently , dress differently, or even act in a different way. This day would be held on a Monday because Monday is a day where we don’t feel like doing our hair or wearing beautiful clothes that make us feel uncomfortable. Everyone would act and express their true identity. Many people might reject this day because they’ll claim that it’s silly for example business man in suits. What people don’t know is that this day would end bullying. If people see others expressing themselves they would feel comfortable expressing who they are and people will be less judge mental because everyone is different and they will see that different is good. This cultural shift would affect our culture because in our society discrimination is still present whether we are aware of it or not and this day would not completely end but make progress in ending discrimination.If this cultural shift would be successful who knows maybe we would look forward for Monday.

My Cultural Shift

If I were able to invent a cultural tradition or ritual, I would want to make a tradition that will make the American society healthier. In more detail the tradition would be to consume daily servings of fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. This tradition will not interfere with other cultures because it is a simple addition to a diet, that doesn’t interfere with an individual’s lifestyle. In fact it will make one’s life better because it will implement a healthy diet. Society will practice this ritual because people will eventually realize that living a healthy lifestyle is essential to everyday life, and daily eating fruits and vegetables could fix problems like obesity diabetes and high cholesterol. Overall people will realize that this tradition could keep their body healthy. On the other hand people might resist this tradition because society doesn’t enjoy being told what to do, and will be offended when told that the way they are eating is incorrect. Another reason people might resist this tradition is because fruits and vegetables cost more than junk food. In addition, implementing 3 to 5 servings of both fruits and vegetables daily is a hard habit to form. This resistance however, can be resolved by patients and making this tradition a one step at a time process. People could start off with one serving of fruits and vegetables a couple of times a week then start to slowly increased amount of servings weekly. After that people could start to slowly increase the amount of servings daily until reached the full ritual requirements. During this process the price of fruits and vegetables will decrease because of the rapid increase in consumption. On the other hand the price of junk food will decrease because of the rapid decrease in consumption. This process may take some people longer than others, For instance the poor will take longer because it will take a while for the prices to change. This is OK because no cultural shift is an instance change, although it is a slow process. To conclude if I were able to create a cultural shift it would be to have Americans consume 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Planned Cultural Shift

If I were to invent a cultural tradition or ritual, it would be a week of generosity and care of the people around us and the environment. This new tradition would have everyone share what they have with others. For example, it can be sharing food, shelter, clothing, love, care, peace, materials, etc. It would be practiced for a week in a month because many people need support and help. We could spread generosity and care throughout the community because we live in the same environment, and we should work together to make it a better place to live in. Simple things can be done in this tradition like taking care of your family or friends or pick up garbage from the floor. Everyone with the ability to help others should practice this new tradition and not be selfish because it makes our world more friendly and peaceful. Generosity and having care are nice qualities to have, also.

Cultural shift

If I had the ability to create a cultural tradition, I would create a language that everybody would understand. I would create a language in which everybody in the world can be able to speak and learn. This language would be called “The International Language” or “The Unity language.” This new cultural tradition will allow everybody in the world to speak to each other and understand each other. It will unite the whole world into one. People would practice it because a lot of people love to travel to different places all over the world and would want to use this language to speak to the natives of that country to learn more about that country . In addition, there is a lot of outgoing people in this world and by using this language it will help them even more in meeting new people.